Sporting Bears Motor Club are joining us at Classic & Performance Car Spectacular AND Passion for Power for guests to ride in the car of their dreams!

For a minimum donation, Sporting Bears offers guests the opportunity to be taken on an exhilarating passenger ‘Dream Ride.’ From beautiful BMWs to Ferocious Ferraris, there is a choice of supercars to excite any showgoer.

This non-profit charity has 1,500 active members with the club solely operated by the generosity of selfless men and women, so every penny goes directly to the hundreds of UK children’s charities that they support.

Sporting Bears Motor Club was founded in 1989 and they have raised over £2.6 million from attending more than thousands of events over the years in the UK from small village fates to huge car events.

Make sure you get yourself to Tatton Park this summer and don’t miss the Sporting Bears to have that once-in-a-lifetime ride and most importantly to donate to amazing causes!